Monday, May 21, 2012

Joyce Horman today

In addition to this, there's a good 2008 interview with Joyce on Disk 2 of the Criterion Collection version of Missing.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Horman,

    I so wish I could help you to discover the truth about Charles' death!! I am certain the CIA gave the order to kill him (I am aware of the horror of that statement) and it was sanctioned by Kissinger and possibly Nixon. Unfortunately, with the resources for evil that the CIA had then and still has, I don't believe I will live long enough to learn the truth (I'm 67). One wonders, a government which would sanction this at the highest level, work with a bunch of murderers to affect it and then cover it up for 30 yrs---is it really democratic? Is it worth voting for and participating in?! Is it even redeemable?!! I am NOT optimistic.

    Rev. Carter A. Dary (retired)
    Madison, WI